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Breakthrough tutoring

What to know

Starting in the personal training business can be a daunting task. At Breakthrough, we understand what it takes to make your dream a reality. With our team of experienced business coaches and mentors, you get the right guidance to build supporting relationships, craft your unique mission, create sound plans and visions, and develop strategies to scale your business - everything it takes to see your dream through. 

We believe that having the right mentorship makes all the difference in achieving success as an up-and-coming personal trainer. We'll reach out to round you up with knowledgeable professionals who have already made it happen themselves, allowing you access to critical industry insights from experienced entrepreneurs and investors. That way you'll have a support network of colleagues with shared experiences who will go above and beyond for you.


Our team has over decades of combined experience that drives us forward in setting higher standards for ourselves—challenging ourselves to shape results for better outcomes for both fitness professionals and clients alike. 

At Breakthrough tutoring, we take pride in not only providing knowledge but also the tools necessary for successful trainers like resources that help optimize their time management capabilities in addition to helping them optimally price packages while increasing profits efficiently.


We believe everyone should have access to these empowering investments so they can use them as starting points on their journey into becoming an accomplished entrepreneurs with strong trust-based relationships with their customers. 

At Breakthrough tutoring, we offer our students unparalleled coaching services so they can make well-informed decisions while investing in their future — because dreams are only worth having if there’s someone cheering them on throughout the journey!


Join us today and start your dream life as a successful personal trainer!

Have any questions? Contact a representative here.

3597 E Monarch Sky Lane Suite 240 Meridian ID, 83646 


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