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Corporate Wellness

What to know

Improve employee retention and reduce the symptoms of burnout with a Corporate Wellness Program. 


Breakthrough Health Connection offers a tailored Wellness Program for employees, guests, or customers. These programs are suitable for all fitness levels.


The goals of the Corporate Wellness Program should include any combination of the following:

Improve general health and well-being

Improve productivity

Improve the sense of being a team

Improve morale and attitude

Decrease absenteeism

Reduce turnover rate

Decrease injuries


A Corporate Wellness Program is an effective method to promote health and wellness

among your staff members. Programs will encourage awareness of health-related issues and often reduce the cost of healthcare throughout the corporation.


Combat burnout and help your employees thrive!


Corporate Wellness Program Activities:


Boot Camp: Metabolic Boot Camp pushes your body to its limit through fun plyometric moves, boot camp drills, and obstacle courses that work your entire body. This class will have you

burning calories even after you leave. We don’t duplicate patterns; every class is different, and we use a variety of exercises and equipment, so you will never be bored. The circuits performed will actually generate an after-burn effect that can last up to 48 hours after a workout has ended.


Corporate Wellness beyond the employees: Breakthrough Health Connection is now offering corporate wellness for your guests and customers as well. We offer sightseeing combinations such as Run Club, Walk Club, and BootCamps. Yoga. We want to be an extension of what they are currently doing in their hometowns. It also offers them the opportunity to see the city through the eyes of a local.


Breakthrough Health Connection provides quality training that ranges from body sculpting, stretching, obstacle courses, fitness games, etc. Breakthrough Health Connection provides all equipment. 

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