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One on one meal prep and coaching

What to know

Love the idea of having delicious, nutritious meals at home but are exasperated with the hour-long grocery store trips and all that prep work? Let us help! With our custom meal planning and preparation service, it's easy to get organized. 

We go beyond a traditional meal planning service - we offer in-person consultations, shopping assistance, and even in-home meal-prepping demonstrations. We don't just tell you what to do; we show you. This bespoke convenience means that you can focus on living your life instead of slaving away in the kitchen every weekend. 

Our goal is to make healthy eating easier and more enjoyable for everyone. With our customizable plans, you’ll cut down on food waste, save money, have better portion control, and ultimately be able to enjoy more nutritious meals every day. Our recipes are also carefully developed with only real ingredients – no processed foods here! 

We strive to make dietary restrictions simple – veganism, gluten-free eating and other requirements are rigorously accounted for so that you can enjoy a balanced diet without sacrificing taste or quality. So whether you’re a pro chef or just now starting out in the kitchen, let us take care of all your meal planning needs!

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